Broadview Applied Research helps to support and strengthen organizations through applied research, comprehensive planning, development and training. The exclusive license to provide Outcomes Star TM training and consultancy in Canada forms an additional aspect of the services we offer.

Broadview Applied Research Group has been involved in applied research, evaluation and consultancy in the human services field for more than 20 years. The company, comprised of skilled and experienced professionals, was created in 1992 to provide the expertise and support necessary to assist organizations in the examination of current operations, to improve programs and services, to conduct fundamental and strategic research and develop alternative models of practice.

In 2013, as a result of growing interest in the Outcomes Star in Canada, Triangle Director Sara Burns was invited to spend a week in Alberta. Broadview Applied Research Group is now trained, equipped and exclusively licensed by Triangle to provide Star training and support and promote use of the Outcomes Stars in Canada.

Raymond Downie,  Ph.D

Raymond Downie, Ph.D is the founding principal of Broadview Applied Research Group. In the early 1990’s after completing his doctorate in Education, he developed a company to work with government and community service organizations, to strengthen their capacity to examine and improve services, programs and structures to better serve their clients. His recent introduction to Outcomes Star in 2013 created an opportunity to promote an innovative approach to evaluation that not only provides useful evidence of client outcomes, but does so in a meaningful way for both client and caseworker through an approach that is strength-based, empowering, collaborative and integrated.