Broadview Applied Research Group has been involved in research, evaluation and consultancy in the human services field for more than 20 years. In 2013, as a result of growing interest in the Outcomes Star™ in Canada, Raymond Downie, founder and principal of Broadview Applied Research Group, hosted Triangle Director Sara Burns to spend a week in Alberta to discuss Canadian implementation and provide training to Broadview Research and select agency clients.

Broadview Applied Research Group is now trained, equipped and licensed by Triangle to provide Star training and support and promote the use of the Outcomes Star™ in Canada. In 2014, Triangle contracted Broadview Applied Research Group with an exclusive license to take on the provision of Star services within Canada. Run by Raymond Downie in Calgary, Alberta and operating across Canada, Broadview provides organizations with the following services:

  • Training in all versions of the Outcomes Star
  • Implementation consultancy
  • Assessment and evaluation consultancy and support
  • Applied research



Broadview Applied Research Group offers organizations in Canada the training and support they need to ensure quality implementation and use of the Outcomes Star™. To find out more, book training or discuss the best approach for your organization, contact Broadview Applied Research Group.

For more information on the services Broadview Applied Research Group provides, visit www.broadviewresearch.ca