The Outcomes Star™  has proved enormously popular with workers, managers, service users and other stakeholders in the UK and Australia and is rapidly gaining popularity in Canada because:

  • It helps to improve keywork and provides useful outcome data
  • It is collaborative, engaging, and visually appealing
  • It counts the things that really matter

Is the Outcomes Star right for your service?

The Outcomes Star™  is applicable where:

  • You have an on-going relationship with clients, meeting one-to-one on a regular basis
  • You want to measure outcomes as an integral part of the on-going work of your organization
  • You want to measure client progress holistically, across a range of areas or domains
  • You want to measure distance travelled towards end outcomes rather than just whether or not an end outcome has been achieved
  • You want to use the data in an on-going manner for learning and service improvement.