Introduction to the Outcomes Star™ – 1 Day Training

This is the essential, in-house licensed training day for up to 16 workers or managers. It is primarily designed to equip participants to start using the Outcomes Star™ with their clients and touches on use of the data to evidence outcomes. It is the basic requirement for Recognized Star User status.

Please contact us for more information or to book training.

Management 1⁄2 Day Session – Evaluation and Reporting Needs and Application of Outcomes Star™ in the Local Context

This event is primarily designed to enable senior administration and managers to make informed decisions about the implementation of the Outcomes Star™ within their organization as a component of their overall evaluation and reporting strategy.

Please contact us for more information or to book training.

Star Practice Review Workshop – 1⁄2 Day Session

The refresher/practice review 1⁄2 day workshop is designed for up to 16 workers and managers who have started using the Outcomes Star™ with their clients, this training works best after 6-12 months. The emphasis can respond to the needs of your organization but usually includes:

  • consistency between workers in how they place people on the scales (inter-rater reliability)
  • how the Star is used to support engagement and change within keywork (clinical supervision)
  • use of the Star outcomes data for service improvement and reporting
  • any implementation issues or integration with existing systems
  • dedicated online data management systems

Book your refresher training at the same time as your initial training and receive a 10% discount.

Implementation Support

Broadview Applied Research Group offers a range of implementation support by tailoring packages to meet the needs of your organization. You can purchase a set amount of consultancy time to use as you need throughout your implementation process. We are available via email, telephone and in-person to meet your implementation support needs.

Outcomes Star™ Impact Assessment and Reporting

Outcomes Star™ provides useful evidence of a client’s progress toward outcomes in a manner that is both meaningful for caseworkers and the client. Through our analysis, interpretation and report generation, Outcomes Star™ data can provide valuable information about program performance, guide the continuous improvement of service delivery and demonstrate organizational effectiveness and success.

Our team of experts work closely with you and your organization to ensure you have the information you require to meet your organizational needs to improve service delivery, manage efforts to identify and allocate resources, demonstrate program and organizational effectiveness to both internal and external stakeholders and address funder reporting obligations.

Evaluation and Applied Research Services

Broadview Applied Research Group has extensive experience and expertise in developing and conducting a wide range of research, evaluations and assessments. We work closely with you and your organization to ensure that your are able to apply Outcomes StarTM tools effectively, ensuring that they are integrated within your existing program evaluation and monitoring processes and design elements. We work with you to ensure that there is alignment between the program(s) (logic model and theory of change) that you provide, the results achieved and the organizational purpose and plan.

Data Collection and Management Support

Broadview Applied Research Group is working with Triangle Consulting and data management firms to ensure that Outcomes Star™ data will be hosted in Canada.